vSphere 5.x Design Thoughts and Considerations

This page is to include all my own thoughts and considerations about vSphere 5.x designs. I collected these during my current job role as VMware Systems Engineer as well as during my study for VCAP-DCD certificate.

Here, I’ll add regularly links to the post of each design thought or consideration I add. You can also check the special category I created for these on the sidebar under vSphere 5.x main category. Some articles may include attached mind-maps created to facilitate explaining the purpose of the article. I use XMind 2013 that you can download it from here.

Whenever possible, I’ll also refer to the best-practices articles from VMware site or documentations. These references will be included in the bottom of each post under References section.

I hope that I can add some value to Virtualization & Cloud community by adding these. I’ll do my best to ensure accuracy of my posts. Keep in mind that these thought are my own and not representing neither VMware nor my employer, unless mentioned or referenced as VMware Best Practices. You should take every possible precaution and test before applying it in your production environment.

vSphere Hosts Design Thoughts:

1- Hosts Form Factor: Blades vs. Rack-mounted Servers.
2- Hosts Scaling Approach: Scale Up vs. Scale Out.

vSphere vCenter Design Thoughts:

1- Virtualizing vCenter Server: Yes or No ?!
2- Windows vCenter vs. vCenter Server (Virtual) Appliance (vCSA/vCVA).

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