VMworld 2017 Barcelona – Are you going?

A couple of weeks ago I received some very pleasant news in my inbox:  “VMworld Blogger Pass, Barcelona – YOU’RE GOING!” This is the second year VMware bestows this honor on me and I am feeling as happy and honored as I felt last year. Just like last year, I had to read the email a couple of time before I was able to believe the subject of the email. *grin*

Of course a free conference ticket only takes you that far. I have to extend my gratitude also to my managers who recognize the value of all the technical sessions at VMworld and who sponsor all my other costs. You guys rock!

So what is this VMworld I am writing about?

I have always seen VMworld as being a very good example of what a technology conference should be all about:

  • Technical deep dives where the focus is put on “the technical” and not as much on marketing ( I have heard that VMworld at Las Vegas focusses more on marketing and less on technical than its European counterpart in Barcelona, but that needs confirmation).
  • A chance to attend guided labs, where instructors will guide you through the lab and answer your every question.
  • Opportunities to network among peers and to participate in conversations with VMware experts.
  • A large Technology Exchange, where you can attend vendor presentations and ask more in-depth questions about their products.
  • VMware exams which can be written at 50% off of the normal pricing.

In short it is place where you can gain more technical knowledge than any training can provide you (at less costs than an official VMware training) and where you can network with your peers!

Now it’s up to you!

Today it is June 12, 2017 and if you are thinking about joining the thousands of people who will be attending VMworld Barcelona, why not signup today while you can still take advantage of the early bird pricing?  To compare pricing you can click here.

If you do join us, please come by the bloggers place, I am quite sure you will recognize some people!

Hopefully we will see you there!




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