The VCDX journey so far…


Well, 2016 is just flying by. It’s scary to think that I’ll be 28 this year.

Back in February 2014, I decided that I’d be pursuing the VCDX. I mumbled to my boss at the time “I want to get the VCDX after my VCP is done” – I paid for the course and the exam myself, not getting any training or exams paid for me. I signed up for the VMUG Advantage and got a discount, but it still put me out of pocket by a fair bit. Thinking back now, it was the best decision I ever made!

Well, I made a commitment that day. A bit over a year later I had completed both my VCAPs, but I still had a long way to go!

They say that the hardest part of the VCDX is the actual defence. I disagree with this. Personally, after completing two VCDX designs (neither of which I will use) I find the hardest part getting the documentation and design up to an acceptable standard. For me at least, standing in front of a panel and talking about my design and my work – something I’m passionate about – shouldn’t be harder than sitting down and racking my brain for hundreds of hours, typing thousands of words over hundreds of pages.

I already present designs and justify them to customers – however, the VCDX journey has made my whole process SO much better. I wouldn’t say it’s made me a harsher judge on the way some companies do things, however the VMware way is definitely the right way!

So after 2 years of writing the goal down, nearly every day – “Get the VCDX!” – hopefully this will be the year.

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