Modify vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 Time Zone

Few days ago, I went to a customer for a migration project to vSphere 5.5. After deploying vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 U2d and during configuration, I had some issues with “root” account -described here– that I needed to modify the time zone on my vCenter Server Appliance and I got a big surprise.

On vCenter Appliance 5.1, I used to do it through its console as the screenshot below indicate.Timezone issue

For vCenter Appliance 5.5, and surprisingly, this can’t be done anymore as indicated by this KB. Again, I began to search for some help, till I found this KB about how to change ESX 4.x Time-zone using service console. I thought that vSphere 4.x Service Console is a Linux Shell UI which is nearly the same as the vCenter Appliance Shell UI (Not the version, but same environment) and hence, I tried the same set of commands as shown by the article. It worked perfectly as I thought and the time zone is modified to Egypt GMT+2.

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