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Why the community matters

About a year ago I had a talk about ‘getting to an advanced level in the field you work at’ with one of my friends, he is the storage engineer in the company I work for. Now, before I continue you have to know that I really hate to open support tickets with VMware because I prefer to look for a solution myself. But my friend told me that opening a support ticket for vSphere related problems actually is the same as looking for the solution yourself on Google. I should feel lucky, he told me, because he doesn’t have such a big community to rely upon for all the storage issues he might face. He has a point, when I look for a solution for a problem the VMware KnowledgBase and blogs are the first places I start looking. In a way the VMware community reaches out a helping hand 24/7.


I have been a vExpert for almost a year now and within that year a lot has changed.

  1. is no more and has been replaced with a new blog which has been founded on friendship with 6 other guys I have met in one of the google plus groups for VCAP5-DCD certification :
  2. Through vMusketeers I am also sharing calculation tools (for example:  VSAN 6.2 Resources CalculatorVSAN 6.0 Resource Calculator and the Cluster Calculator) and  useful book and training video reviews: Reviews.
  3. I have participated in the technical reviewing before publication of the book: VMware vSphere 6.x Datacenter Design Cookbook by Hersey Cartwright and am still a technical reviewer for the updated book by Robert Vandennieuwendijk : Learning PowerCLI.
  4. I have attended VMworld as an official blogger and I am still very happy you have given me this experience. It was wonderful! I hope I have lived up to the expectations of the program. Here is a list of my posts:
    1. Emad Younis & Adam Eckerle – The vCenter server and Platform Services Controller Guide to the Galaxy
    2. Guido Appenzeller – NSX the network bridge to the Multi-Cloud future,
    3. VMworld Barcelona 2016 – General Session Tuesday!
    4. What is new for Photon 1.1?
    5. What is new in vSphere 6.5 Security?
    6. What is new in vSphere 6.5 HA/DRS and VSAN 6.5?
    7. What is new in vSphere 6.5?
    8. What is new with VMware?
    9. VMworld Barcelona – Pre-conference post
    10. VMworld 2016


I have attended VMWORLD in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. VMWorld has been critical in my development. It opened my eyes to the Holistic view of VMware and to be honest.. if I hadn’t had attended VMworld at all, I doubt I would be on this insane path to knowledge and sharing knowledge. VMWORLD has been en eyeopener to me and a huge reason why I want to be involved in the community: people who are driven, they inspire other people.

My Certifications:

My Presentations and interviews 2016:

The community groups are a great drive to advance your skill set. VMUG and vBrownbag are two very good examples of this. So it has been my pleasure to give something back to the community by doing presentations and I will continue to do so of course.

vBrownbag 2016

I have participated in the vExpert daily at VMworld EMEA 2016: VMworld EMEA – vExpert Daily with Mike Letschin


After the cluster calculator which I created last year, I have send a couple of weekend creating VSAN calculators. These calculators have been created as a helpful tool in preparation on the VCAP6-DCV Design exam and allow people to quickly check if the calculation they have performed in a certain new exercise has the correct answer. For this I have based my self on the VSAN Design Guide exercises.

VSAN 6.0 Resource Calculator

VSAN 6.2 Resources Calculator


This quiz has taken me another couple of weekends. Because we all try to excel in VMware certification, sharing knowledge about exam preparation is a big thing on our blog. I have spend many nights myself getting the new online VCAP6-DCV Design Quiz online. But seeing that quiz is popular among test takers and actually helps people to prepare for the exam, makes me happy and the mention of our Deign Quiz by Scott Vessey in the VMware Training and Certification group on LinkedIn was the cherry on the pie! . The  questions marked with the initials (KB), have been added by myself.vcap6


Google+ Community groups:

In 2016 I have applied for the Community Group Program by Pearson for the Google groups for Google+ group VCAP6-DCV Deployment  and Google+ group VCAP6-DCV Design. I did receive the sponsorship which entitles all the members to a 45% discount on all learning bundles on the Pearson IT shop.


Each time a great article about VMware technology appears online or when I have an idea which I think can help other people, I share it.  When I have the time I also try to reply to people in the LinkedIn VMware dedicated groups:

you might find some replies from me in the following groups:


I do have a personal twitter handle @Kim_Bottu  and a vMusketeers twitter handle @vMusketeers which I use to share information or get into contact with my peers


I am part of the team ‘Leaderboard VMotion’ . Currently I  hold the rank of Level 2.
Our Cloud Cred Group: Leaderboard vMotion. You have to logon to see the group or any other details.

vExpert Slack

You can find me as Kim Bottu.

My thanks

My thanks go out to all the wonderful helpful people I have met before I became a vExpert and during. They have been an important part of my life so far.

Thank you and have a good day!