Bitdefender – True Agentless protection

June 13, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

Last week I was in London at the InfoSecurity convention having a look what is happening in the security world. If you have never attended InfoSecurity, it is a free event where most of the presentations are a bit loaded on the marketing side.  Of course there are always exceptions. The 2-hour workshops are truly gems. At least the workshops which I did attend to. What if you could protect VM’s without agents or without any other piece of installed software? The workshop which really caught my attention was the workshop presented by Andrei IONESCU and Adrian Liviu ARSENE who are both employed by Bitdefender: ‘Data Center Security – HYPERVISOR INTROSPECTION’. Starting with explaining how external and internal threats are evolving they quickly moved on to explain how their […]

Book Review: Networking for VMware Administrators

May 26, 2016 Bilal Ahmed 0

So I have been collecting lots of books ever since I started on my journey of doing my VCAPs. One book time and again has been my go to reference for absolutely anything VMware networking related….and you guessed it…IT’S THIS BOOK! When I have been in chats with networking guys, and we have been discussing various features, I can point them to sections of the book, and if I need to confirm something I can double check it quickly. You do not need to be a networking guru to use this book. I have/had a CCNA (it has expired), so I have a fair idea, but I am by no means a networking guru and I have learnt plenty from […]

Many Cores per Socket or Single-Core Socket Mystery

May 11, 2015 Shady ElMalatawey 3

Hi All During some readings, I remembered the eternal debatable Question when creating SMP VM (VM with many vCPUs): “Which is better: many Cores in a single socket or many Sockets each with single core..??” I remember how many times I debated for hours with my technical manager -while reviewing some designs- about the same question, but neither of us could prove a bit. To answer this question, we have to review some concepts: NUMA CPU Configuration: Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) is a CPUs configuration, in which each CPU has some Memory DIMMs local and connected to it. Each CPU can access both its local memory DIMMs with lowest latency and the remote DIMMs with higher latency using Interconnecting […]