VMworld 2017 – A bold and strong statement

September 15, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

There is no denying it, I am a bit disappointed because there haven’t been any major new technical announcements apart from HCX at VMworld Barcelona and the technical geek in me craves them. But I don’t want you to think that there was no big news. Actually, the opposite is true. VMworld 2017 sends out a clear message into the world. VMware has turned its back on the path of the technical wanderer who tries to redefine himself by trying to play catch up with the big technological buzzwords -such as containers, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Google,cross-cloud and micro-segmentation – and instead baffles the world with an enterprise ready eco-system which uses all of the buzz word technologies and offers access […]

VMworld 2017 – Day 3

September 14, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

On day 3, Pat Gelsinger, Ray O’ Farrell and Sanjay Poonen started off with replying some questions the audience have. Questions about a simplified model for licensing which might include NSX (the short answer is that they like to keep NSX licensing seperately for now)   the readiness of the HTML5 client (the HTML5 client contains nearly 90% of the available functionality now), had been answered. Credit was given to the open source community and Pat confirmed VMware’s continued involvement and will continue to invest in Open Source. VMware really appreciates the community that drives the Open Source. In fact there is a department in the Office of the CTO which focusses on engaging with the open source community more […]

VMworld 2017 – Day 2

September 14, 2017 Kim Bottu 1

vBreakfast At 6 AM my alarm sounded and it was time to drag myself out of bed, get some coffee down and move my feet towards #vBreakfast. That was me out and about at 6.15AM and cursing myself around 6.17AM because it started pouring down and I had left my new #BLOGBEAT jacket in the apartment. Clever, only fools ask for rain one day and leave their jackets in the apartment the next day.  At #vBreakfast I got to meet more fellow community members who all looked about as tired as myself *grin*. If that makes you wonder if people can have interesting conversations after jetlag and little sleep, join us next year. The short answer is yes we can […]

VMworld 2017 Barcelona – Day 1

September 11, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

Despite my VCAP6-DCV Deployment lab which kept acting up and having to resit the exam again, it did not ruin my day. I might not have passed the exam but I was offered an exam redeem voucher two hours into the exam after loosing somewhere between 30 and 50 minutes of exam time because my lab just didn’t react at all to any input whatsover. “There will be a next time” – soon. I also had the pleasure to meet two of the finest community leaders:  – Katie Bradley, VMware Technology Network Community Manager @vKTBcommunity – Elsa Mayer, VMware Blog Program Manager @Elsajmayer If you are a current blogger or want to become a blogger, look them up tomorrow and […]

VMworld Barcelona – Airport strikes

September 6, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

Anyone going to VMworld Barcelona, keep an eye out for the announced airport strikes which include BCN, The dates of the strikes might still change.  This is the status so far: The 24-hour stoppage by the airport security personel which was planned for September 15 has been called off. However, rolling 24-hour stoppages remain slated for Sept. 17, 22, 24, and 29.  

VMworld Barcelona 2017 pre-post!

August 31, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

As VMworld 2017 in Vegas draws to an end, VMworld Barcelona is barely two weeks away. Pack those dress shoes, sneakers, some light clothing, at most a T-shirt or 3 and most importantly your best mood and smiles for a fun ride at VMworld Barcelona! After all the news that has been revealed in Vegas, I cannot keep from wondering what will be left as exclusive news to share with the VMworld Barcelona flock of attendees? Will there be any more exclusive news to share? ;-).  Because of all the exciting revellations (AppDefense, NSX Cloud, Multi-cloud, etc) which have been made in Vegas, this has been the first year in 6 years of attending VMworld Europe that I felt a pang of […]