RDMs and Microsoft Failover clusters

May 13, 2016 vReid 0

Unfortunately we have large number of virtual Microsoft failover cluster with RDM’s in virtual compatibility mode. Moving to SQL Always On is too expensive and our application owners refuse to acknowledge HA as an alternative. The issue with adding RDM’s is when you need to reboot an ESXi host it rescans for all these devices. As the amount of RDM’s increases this rescanning process can take up to an hr… Obviously waiting an hr is not acceptable so VMware created the following KB article to perennially reserve these devices. The issue I’ve experienced is when you have 100’s of RDM’s across 30-40 ESXi hosts, gathering all the devices using “esxcli storage core device list” and creating a script can be […]

Virtualizing Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) Windows 2012 on vSphere 5 Best Practices

January 22, 2015 Shady ElMalatawey 0

Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) is one of the first HA solutions in our IT world and one of the hardest to configure. Although, I don’t have personal experience with MS Failover Clustering, but I know the severe pain of deploying, testing and troubleshooting this solution. Microsoft’s developed this solution so much since its first version. Available versions now are: MS Clustering Service on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 and 2012 R2. With vSphere 5.x, MSCS can now be virtualized and it’s fully supported by Microsoft. In this part, we’ll talk about MSCS in Windows 2012 and best practices to deploy it in vSphere 5.x environments.These best practices are collected from published VMware best practices guides and Microsoft best practices […]