Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) Exam Review #LinuxFoundation @linuxfoundation #Linux #CentOS @sandervanvugt @tecmint #vExpert

January 16, 2018 Bilal Ahmed 0

So I never originally planned to do this exam! But after I did the LFCS (see my review here) I realised I was not that far off from getting the LFCE, and since I was on a roll I thought WHY NOT!? Now the blueprint for the LFCS was very very broad, to the point it made it very difficult to study for, but the blueprint for the LFCE is much more concise: Current LFCE Blueprint :  Network administration Configure network services to start automatically at boot Implement packet filtering Monitor network performance Produce and deliver reports on system use, outages and user requests Route IP traffic statically and dynamically Troubleshoot network issues Network filesystems and file services Configure systems to mount […]

Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator (LFCS) Exam Review #LinuxFoundation @linuxfoundation #Linux #CentOS @sandervanvugt @tecmint #vExpert

December 18, 2017 Bilal Ahmed 0

So I spent a good few months brushing up on my Linux skills for this exam. Where I work there is a big proportion of VMs that run CentOS 6/7 and with all the other studying I had been doing, I had never had the time to improve my Linux skill set and it has always been an area that I was lacking in. The reason I went with the Linux Foundation is because they had a black Friday sale on last year where you could get the course and the exam (with a free retake) pretty cheap. My company paid for it and all, but it just seemed like a no brainer . You can pick from multiple distributions, […]