VMworld Barcelona – Airport strikes

September 6, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

Anyone going to VMworld Barcelona, keep an eye out for the announced airport strikes which include BCN, The dates of the strikes might still change.  This is the status so far: The 24-hour stoppage by the airport security personel which was planned for September 15 has been called off. However, rolling 24-hour stoppages remain slated for Sept. 17, 22, 24, and 29.  

VMworld Barcelona 2017 pre-post!

August 31, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

As VMworld 2017 in Vegas draws to an end, VMworld Barcelona is barely two weeks away. Pack those dress shoes, sneakers, some light clothing, at most a T-shirt or 3 and most importantly your best mood and smiles for a fun ride at VMworld Barcelona! After all the news that has been revealed in Vegas, I cannot keep from wondering what will be left as exclusive news to share with the VMworld Barcelona flock of attendees? Will there be any more exclusive news to share? ;-).  Because of all the exciting revellations (AppDefense, NSX Cloud, Multi-cloud, etc) which have been made in Vegas, this has been the first year in 6 years of attending VMworld Europe that I felt a pang of […]

Horizon View 7.x: The requested name is valid but no data of the requested type is found, server domain issues

July 28, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

This week I had a very interesting issue with one of the Horizon View connection servers I had setup in a POC environment.  While initially I could use a Horizon View Security server to connect to a VDI desktop serviced from the POC environment, all of a sudden it did not work anymore. So I verified a couple of things: Was the connection server and security server still paired?   yes Are the connection server and security server still registered in their domains and AD?  yes Were the local firewall rules on the windows server still properly configured?  yes Was the Hardware firewall between both domain still properly configured?  yes was the POC still configured to use PCOIP?  yes Did my […]

A perspective on how Business steers IT Design and Architecture .. or at least should

July 20, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

The basics of the business perspective (AKA the logic some aspiring VCDX candidates forget during mocks). When people start up a company, they believe that they have a product or service that will outperform the competition and they want to start selling this product or service to potential customers. Although the business owners and the business management might really believe in the excellence of their product or service, ultimately they need to earn money to sustain their business. In a sense you could say that the business mantra has four words: “More Money, More Profit.” So there you have it, the monster is out. The ugly truth about business is that without money, there is no business. If you would take a look at the total lifespan of […]

Do IT people have to worry about AI taking their jobs?

July 14, 2017 Graeme Vermeulen 0

I’d like to preface this post by saying that it’s simply my own opinion, based on my own experience. I could be right, I could be wrong. I genuinely don’t think humans have anything to worry about. I’m not talking about mass automation of factories (a lot of which are already human-less), I’m talking about skilled professions that usually require training and a some form of certificate from a regulating body to participate in. Let’s touch on a few key industries, there are too many to cover all of them. AI has been in my life since as far back as I can remember. I’ve always played video games and in these games always encountered AI opponents. They can mimic […]

VCDX #251 at your service with a smile!

June 18, 2017 Bilal Ahmed 0

So I recently managed to get my VCDX number! waheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy It was a long process for me, which I am now going to break down. Hopefully this will give people some insight into how everything comes together and I do hope it will give future candidates an idea of how to approach it. The Start So back in early 2016 I knew someone who was considering pursuing the VCDX, and they asked if I wanted to partner up with them. I initially declined…..simply because I didn’t think I had the skill level currently to even consider such a task. Their response was ………..how else are you going to get the skill set? Upon thinking about it, that made perfect sense […]

Bitdefender – True Agentless protection

June 13, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

Last week I was in London at the InfoSecurity convention having a look what is happening in the security world. If you have never attended InfoSecurity, it is a free event where most of the presentations are a bit loaded on the marketing side.  Of course there are always exceptions. The 2-hour workshops are truly gems. At least the workshops which I did attend to. What if you could protect VM’s without agents or without any other piece of installed software? The workshop which really caught my attention was the workshop presented by Andrei IONESCU and Adrian Liviu ARSENE who are both employed by Bitdefender: ‘Data Center Security – HYPERVISOR INTROSPECTION’. Starting with explaining how external and internal threats are evolving they quickly moved on to explain how their […]

How to get some free IT training resources?

June 13, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

IT courses can cost quite a bit of money. If you are like me and want to have more training than your company’s training budget allows you, you might want to have a look at how you can get some free training under your belt. Free training can come from anywhere really, be that ebooks, books, onsite learning platforms or online lab, you just have to look for it and make your pick. Some even come with free certificates of completion. At the bottom you can find my personal  favorite picks. But let me give you some learning possibilities which you probably have not considered yet and let me start with the most unobvious ones: How to become a technical reviewer of a […]

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