So I passed my VCAP5-DCA back in January 2015!

February 11, 2016 Bilal Ahmed 0

Here is a breakdown of how it went and what I did, so if anyone else is considering doing it here ya go! At the time I worked for a Managed Services/DR/BC company so we had a lot of kit sat idle at times, which was free to use for labs! I had a lab setup at work as follows: 5x DL380 g7 in 2 clusters 14TB IBM DS4700 FC SAN 8TB IBM  DS3300 iSCSI SAN Some local storage in each server Windows Server 2008 which ran vCenter and the client ( I installed teamviewer on this pc so I could login from anywhere on my laptop). No AD setup. I had vmotion and iSCSI traffic in one vlan and FT […]

Basic Configuration vRealize Operations Manager 6.2

February 2, 2016 Kim Bottu 0

Once you have deployed the vRealize Operations Manager, you have to browse to the vROPS Web interface. I did create my DNS entry for vROPS.vsphere6.local before I deployed the appliance.   Because this is a demo, I will select the New Installation. Official VROPS page: Product Information Link Official VROPS Documentation: Documentation Link Official download page: Download here! Click Next and set your password Choose your certificates (I am using the default for the test) and click Next Set the Cluster MasterNode Name and NTP and click Next. Click Finish The Node will now prepare for first time use Start the vRealize Operations Manager for the first time If you have a big environment you might want to add more Node (Operation Managers) to your vROPS […]

App Volumes 2.9: Cannot provision Application – Status: In Use

January 14, 2016 Kim Bottu 0

You have prepared a Client from a template to provision a new application, but when you try to deploy a new application in the client you notice that the App Volumes Manager shows Status in Use for the new VM. This cannot be right, but the same happens again when you create a new Client VM from scratch. So what is wrong here? Well the answer is a simple one,  the user u are using to create App Volumes with, has an AppStack assigned to him. Remove the AppStack assignments for this user or use a different user.  

Many Cores per Socket or Single-Core Socket Mystery

May 11, 2015 Shady ElMalatawey 3

Hi All During some readings, I remembered the eternal debatable Question when creating SMP VM (VM with many vCPUs): “Which is better: many Cores in a single socket or many Sockets each with single core..??” I remember how many times I debated for hours with my technical manager -while reviewing some designs- about the same question, but neither of us could prove a bit. To answer this question, we have to review some concepts: NUMA CPU Configuration: Non Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) is a CPUs configuration, in which each CPU has some Memory DIMMs local and connected to it. Each CPU can access both its local memory DIMMs with lowest latency and the remote DIMMs with higher latency using Interconnecting […]

VCDX 2015 Study Group

March 28, 2015 Shady ElMalatawey 1

"VMware Certified Design Expert – VCDX", the most difficult and most bright certificate in Virtualization field and only compared to Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr). Many Virtualization & Cloud experts try to acquire this certificate to prove their excellency and sharp skills and to add more and more to their personal value. Me and my friend "Jason Grierson"- for those who don't know Jason and his tool, check this blog post – decided to pursuit VCDX 2015, Oct. panel. And as we did before, we decided to join a VCDX Study Group. This should help us with our design paper, provide more and more eyes to review your design, more peers to question your design decisions to be hardened and help us exchanging […]

Windows vCenter vs. vCenter Server (Virtual) Appliance (vCSA/vCVA)

March 22, 2015 Shady ElMalatawey 5

The following question about vCenter Server is which version to deploy: Windows vCenter Server or vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA). First, let’s examine the components of any vCenter Server. They’re Single-Sign On (SSO), Inventory Service, vCenter Server, Web Client and a back-end Database.   To answer the question above, we need to take a deep look at how answer of the above question affects all of these components. Keep in mind that it’s also related to the way you’d deploy your vCenter Server Components according to your customer/case needs and requirements or constraints. Some components and other VMware products deployment are affected by wither you’d use Windows vCenter or vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA). My vExpert colleague, Mohammed Raffic, made a great comparison between […]

IBM DS 3500 with vSphere 5.0.x SATP Rules

March 15, 2015 Shady ElMalatawey 0

Few days ago, I went to a customer that has old Virtual Environment. He has 3 hosts IBM SystemX servers, IBM DS3524 SAS Storage which is directly SAS-attached to the hosts and vSphere 5.0 U2. His environment has strange issue: every few minutes, Storage Manager throws an error that “LUN x is owned by not-preferred Controller. Preferred Controllers is Controller A”. He first thought that it was a firmware issue in the DS3524 storage and he asked IBM guys to upgrade the storage firmware. They upgraded the firmware to version 7.86.49 and the problem was still there. First, I checked compatibility matrix of both VMware and IBM and I was shocked that they were different as the following screenshots: VMware one […]

Virutalizing vCenter Server: Yes or No?

March 13, 2015 Shady ElMalatawey 1

“Should I virtualize vCenter Server or not?!”.. This question is asked a lot, specially during preparing for new vSphere deployments. IMO, and in 99.9% of all cases I meet, I answer with “Yes!! Why not?”. vCenter Server is a central part of your Management Layer of your infrastructure that requires high level of availability and performance. vSphere 5.x is capable of providing the required level of performance for vCenter Server itself or for any one of its components (SSO, Inventory Service or Web Client) as well as its required back-end Database. In the same time, virtualizing vCenter Server provides higher level of availability, using vSphere HA and the new SMP Fault Tolerance in vSphere 6.0. Despite many advantages of virtualizing vCenter Server, […]

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