“We are like the musketeers, all for one and one for all!” That one comment made by Graeme a couple of months ago is the main reason why this blog is called vMusketeers. It is our creed which we uphold by being always available for each other in case one of us faces technical questions about technology they might be less familiar with. It is the fundamental basis on which we have built our friendship ever since meeting in the Google + group for VCAP5-DCD.  

You could easily call us a small community within a community where a shared passion for technology, a strong belief in the excellence in VMware products, some listening ears and helping hands in times of need and want, and a passion for things that can change very fast are the very glue that bind us together.

We come from different corners of the world, have different job roles and functions so we carry different experiences and cover a broad base of knowledge. In this shared blog we will share some of this knowledge with you.  So feel free to bookmark our blog and read it when you are enjoying a coffee, a tea or a couple of beers.

 If you have a look at our profiles in the About Us section, you will notice that our little group has a passion for certification. We are all on the road to VCIX-DCV and ultimately to VCDX. But enough about VCDX in this first news bulletin. Have a look at the Menu and you will see 2 different exam simulators. There is one for VCAP5-DCD which is a redirect to Jason Grierson’s VCAP5-DCD simulator. If you want to know what a design scenario looks like in a VCAP exam, this sim is your best chance of experiencing just that. We are also working on a VCAP6-DCV Design simulator and quiz which is the second exam simulator. In it you will find questions and drag and drop items. We are still looking into ways to add design scenarios, so if you are after VCAP6-DCV Design certification, feel free to come back to check for updates. 

We hope you will enjoy this ride.

Feel free to reach out or post a comment.

The vMusketeers team