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Kim Bottu is the virtualization engineer in the EMEA region for an international Biglaw firm, where he focuses on virtual datacenter operations, optimization and design. In his current role he takes care of the enterprise’s consolidated virtual datacenters in Asia and Europe.

Kim currently lives in Belgium and is the proud dad of a daughter named Zoey. In his spare time you might find him playing with his daughter, reading books or riding his mountainbike.

He owes a great deal to the people who have been blogging before he started blogging. A lot of the knowledge he has now, comes from reading blogs, vendor communication and books.  In an effort to give back to the community, he shares things that he has  uncovered and makes them public knowledge by blogging about them, or sharing the knowledge through community groups.

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I really like the google community groups because of the way how easily people give each other advice and share knowledge with each other. We all have the same goal and we keep driving each other forward.


Each time a great article about VMware technology appears online or when I have an idea which I think can help other people, I share it.  When I have the time I also try to reply to people in the LinkedIn VMware dedicated groups:

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