Don Ward


I’m a Pre-Sales Solution Architect based in London. I’ve been in the IT industry since 2002 after leaving the British Army after 7 years service as an REME Instruments Tech. Like most of all IT types I’ve had many roles during my career and all have been extremely beneficial in experience both at a technical and at a business level. I am also a two time vExpert (2015 and 2016) of which I am very proud of and currently have an article used by VMware as a source of learning material for VMware Certified Advanced Professional exams.

As a pre-sales Architect my main focus is on the business goals of my clients and then matching these to the right strategies and technologies as long as these meet all their requirements and goals. Like my co-authors, my primary experience comes from using VMware products and the associated physical infrastructure to support it. However due to my role, I’ve also had to significantly broaden my knowledge to cover all other hypervisors (Yes that does mean HyperV/Citrix/KVM) as well as embrace the latest in Hyper-Converged infrastructures and software defined XYZs which now are present.

My contribution to this site will focus on:

  • My (and colleagues) experiences and opinions on the IT market
  • Customer feedback – what are they saying, buying, suffering from in terms of business challenges
  • Real world requirements and challenges
  • Emerging technologies and how they feed in to business requirements.
  • Design methodologies and real life application
  • My opinions of what’s coming in the future and why

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you in the future and get your feedback in the future but please remember, all these thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent my employers or my co-bloggers.



  • VCP 3.5, 4 and 5 Certified.
  • VCAP5-DCD Certified
  • Nutanix NPP
  • MCP Server HyperV and System Center 2012R2