Adding a second NIC to a VCSA

April 24, 2016 Graeme Vermeulen 0

Here’s how you add an additional NIC on a VCSA – and I’ll show you step-by-step with actual keyboard commands as no other guides out there do: The VAMI can be accessed via https://(IP or FQDN):5480 – the username is normally root and the default password is vmware Typically this is what you’d see on most standard instances: Adding the additional NIC in vSphere in as easy to do as you’d expect: But you won’t see the additional NIC in the VAMI: It will actually start throwing errors. We need to set add the new NIC manually. To do this, you can either use CLI or YaST2. YaST2 is a SUSE management tool which lets you configure basic elements of […]

Can’t login using Windows Session Credentials – VCSA (vSphere 6)

April 24, 2016 Graeme Vermeulen 0

Quite a few things seem to have changed with the VCSA in vSphere 6. The most obvious change is that the appliance is no longer deployed as an OVA / OVF template but rather from an ISO image. As part of deploying the ISO, you’ll be prompted to put in your settings for the vCenter before it’s even powered on. This can be quite tricky to get right the first time – so make sure you have created the relevant DNS records on your DNS servers and configured your VM network on the chosen host for initial deployment. Setting up SSO for your Windows Domain is exactly the same, however when ticking the “Use Windows Session Credentials” box you will […]

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