Resetting a lost ESXi 5.1 root password on a Dell R710

April 15, 2016 Bilal Ahmed 0

So I found out that no one new the root password to a host in one of the clusters. So I tried various things to no avail: Had a look in the documentation for it (What it was supposed to be, it wasn’t that) Checked if the keyboard layout was correct (it was) I tried the Host Profiles trick to reset the password to what you want (it didn’t work for some strange reason). It took the profile and applied it and everything, but the password persisted! Reset root using host profiles Reset root using host profile in Web Client Tried 2 Linux live cds and it turns out none of them work with Dell servers in general, due to driver […]

So I passed my VCAP5-DCA back in January 2015!

February 11, 2016 Bilal Ahmed 0

Here is a breakdown of how it went and what I did, so if anyone else is considering doing it here ya go! At the time I worked for a Managed Services/DR/BC company so we had a lot of kit sat idle at times, which was free to use for labs! I had a lab setup at work as follows: 5x DL380 g7 in 2 clusters 14TB IBM DS4700 FC SAN 8TB IBM  DS3300 iSCSI SAN Some local storage in each server Windows Server 2008 which ran vCenter and the client ( I installed teamviewer on this pc so I could login from anywhere on my laptop). No AD setup. I had vmotion and iSCSI traffic in one vlan and FT […]

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