RAVELLO: Windows vCenter 6.5 vCenter server errors: 500, 503

December 20, 2017 Kim Bottu 0

If you use a cleanly installed Windows based vCenter server in the #VEXPERT FREE TIER of RAVELLO cloud you might have seen the following errors as well. I assume these errors appear because in the Free Tier,  Ravello isn’t always the fastest environment to start up your server nor to run your workloads. So some services might be timing out while starting up. This will result in a handful of vCenter services not being reachable and an unreachable management plane.  Yes this also applies to a Windows based vCenter server  with an embedded PSC. A server error occurred. [500] SSO error: Cannot connect to the VMware Component Manager https://vcentera.vmusketeers.local/cm/sdk?hostid=8f7ab780-bbd2-11e7-8d6f-2cc260268d52 Check the vSphere Web Client server logs for details. Or the following error: “503 […]

Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator (LFCS) Exam Review #LinuxFoundation @linuxfoundation #Linux #CentOS @sandervanvugt @tecmint #vExpert

December 18, 2017 Bilal Ahmed 0

So I spent a good few months brushing up on my Linux skills for this exam. Where I work there is a big proportion of VMs that run CentOS 6/7 and with all the other studying I had been doing, I had never had the time to improve my Linux skill set and it has always been an area that I was lacking in. The reason I went with the Linux Foundation is because they had a black Friday sale on last year where you could get the course and the exam (with a free retake) pretty cheap. My company paid for it and all, but it just seemed like a no brainer . You can pick from multiple distributions, […]

Resizing VMDKs with vSphere Replication #vExpert #vSphereReplication

December 12, 2017 Bilal Ahmed 0

*picture from VMware docs Now then, everyone that has used VR knows that resizing VMDKs for replicated VMs isn’t the easiest thing to do. But I have come across people who seem to believe that the only way to resize the VMDKs is via the CLI on a host….this is one of the options BUT IS NOT the only one. Resizing via the CLI: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2052883 > No need for me to repeat what it says, but you do it using vmkfstools. It works well but does require the person to have access to the host directly. The key point when using vmkfstools , which isn’t totally clear in the kb is: If the original size was 550GB and the new […]