VMworld 2017 – A bold and strong statement

There is no denying it, I am a bit disappointed because there haven’t been any major new technical announcements apart from HCX at VMworld Barcelona and the technical geek in me craves them. But I don’t want you to think that there was no big news. Actually, the opposite is true.

VMworld 2017 sends out a clear message into the world. VMware has turned its back on the path of the technical wanderer who tries to redefine himself by trying to play catch up with the big technological buzzwords -such as containers, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Google,cross-cloud and micro-segmentation – and instead baffles the world with an enterprise ready eco-system which uses all of the buzz word technologies and offers access to them by making them easy to use to the rest of the world! 

The technology world can stop wondering. The enterprises can stop doubting and I have to admit, I have had my doubts as well. VMware is here to stay and has mastered where many of the buzzword technologies have failed: To make these technologies very accessible, easily deployable, and usable for all companies. To present all of these technologies together in an easy to use integrated eco-system is no small accomplishment and VMware seems to have succeeded in just that.

The presented technology roadmap and the confirmation that VMware remains a separate entity under DELL convinces me that VMware is not a dying star which is still glowing, it is a very bright sparkling star.

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