VMworld 2017 – Day 3

On day 3, Pat Gelsinger, Ray O’ Farrell and Sanjay Poonen started off with replying some questions the audience have. Questions about a simplified model for licensing which might include NSX (the short answer is that they like to keep NSX licensing seperately for now)   the readiness of the HTML5 client (the HTML5 client contains nearly 90% of the available functionality now), had been answered.

Credit was given to the open source community and Pat confirmed VMware’s continued involvement and will continue to invest in Open Source. VMware really appreciates the community that drives the Open Source. In fact there is a department in the Office of the CTO which focusses on engaging with the open source community more and is focussing on making those ties even stronger. Not all applications will be made open source, for instance NSX will not be made open source but API’s will be continued to be offered to the community.

The independence of VMware has been confirmed! Pat confirmed that VMware and Dell both will remain independent entities which because of their different strategies only will make eachother stronger. Yes they each do have business agreements with partners which makes either Dell or VMware uncomfortable but that is what makes this eco-s ystem drive forward and accellerate.

Last but definitely not least a presentation was given on how VMware’s vision of an end-to-end IT eco-system should work.  How IT can provide the stability and rapid deployment of infrastructure services through VMware Cloud Foundation, the agility for apllication development through PKS (the collaborative offering of cloud services such as Pivotal, Kubernetes using a graphical interface we know, the webclient), the lean and ease of deployment of applications and workloads to the cloud using HCX and how VMware’s eco-system can provide an end-to-end security solution using NSX, NSX Cloud and AppDefense and can alert the right person at the right time with real time monitoring, tracking and alerting using the new offerings of Wavefront ( Self service analitycs), manage and secure all things IOT using Pulse IOT which will offer Faas, functions as a service .

Look up Elastic Sky Pizza!

I would like to conclude this article with Ray O’ Farrells introductory statement. VMware wants to provide clients with consistent management tools, new business consumption models, better ways to allow for infrastructure to support developers easier and more agile and at the same time enable infrastructure to support continue to guarantee the security the customers demand.


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