VMworld 2017 – Day 2


At 6 AM my alarm sounded and it was time to drag myself out of bed, get some coffee down and move my feet towards #vBreakfast.

That was me out and about at 6.15AM and cursing myself around 6.17AM because it started pouring down and I had left my new #BLOGBEAT jacket in the apartment. Clever, only fools ask for rain one day and leave their jackets in the apartment the next day. 

At #vBreakfast I got to meet more fellow community members who all looked about as tired as myself *grin*. If that makes you wonder if people can have interesting conversations after jetlag and little sleep, join us next year. The short answer is yes we can ;0).

General session

Off to the general session at 8.15 AM. Wow, there are +11k attendees this year! That is an impressive number and if there is any truth in the saying “Strength through numbers”, VMworld attendance definitely proves that point.

Pat Gelsinger emphasized again that the digital transformation is happening right now and put an emphasis on how the digital transformation is really breaking boundaries for Telco companies.  NFV is rapidly changing the Telco landscape.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much exclusive news at the keynote but it does carry a lot of weight. Today Pat Gelsinger announced VMware HCX. A fully integrated system which will help customers to accelerate cloud adoption and will help them to move workloads seamlessly to the cloud. HCX will enable customers to speed up the hybrid cloud adoption and ultimately to run a secure datacenter in the cloud. Of course the secret sauce in all of this is NSX.  

The most exciting news from today’s sessions:

Microsoft Azure & NSX and hybrid cloud is coming. If last years’ live demo of VMware on AWS is to be a leading example of chasing visions and making them happening, then this years’ live demo of NSX as a service on Azure is bound to happen!

The evening

Because of some work related things I had to take care off I had to pass on the VEXPERT party. A shame really because I was really looking forward to it.

I did manage to attend the VMware BENELUX party which was taking place at the same venue the VEXPERT party was taking place. It was a blast. I met lots of great people and really had a good time with fun people


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