Horizon View 7.x: The requested name is valid but no data of the requested type is found, server domain issues

This week I had a very interesting issue with one of the Horizon View connection servers I had setup in a POC environment.  While initially I could use a Horizon View Security server to connect to a VDI desktop serviced from the POC environment, all of a sudden it did not work anymore.

So I verified a couple of things:

  • Was the connection server and security server still paired?   yes
  • Are the connection server and security server still registered in their domains and AD?  yes
  • Were the local firewall rules on the windows server still properly configured?  yes
  • Was the Hardware firewall between both domain still properly configured?  yes
  • was the POC still configured to use PCOIP?  yes
  • Did my DNS server have entries for the object of the POC domain?  yes
  • Did my VM’s have IP which were reachable?  yes
  • Were all ports needed for PCOIP reachable? yes
  • Could I still logoff and logon on both servers using domain credentials? yes
  • Could I still push GPO’s?  yes

Still I could not connect to a VDI desktop in the POC environment. Each time I tried connecting using the Security gateway I received the dreaded error :  The requested name is valid but no data of the requested type is found

This didn’t make much sense.

In the end I decided to remove the pairing between the connection server and the security server . But look what happened, I couldn’t remove the pairing using the FQDN of the server.  I am sure I did register this using the FQDN, so something must have been going really wrong.

C:\Windows\system32>vdmadmin -S -r -s connectionserver.domain.com
Error: Server "connectionserver.domain.com" is not present in this configuration.

I decided to try to remove the pairing using only the Computer name and lo and behold, the pairing was scheduled to be removed! Still it struck me as very odd.

C:\Windows\system32>vdmadmin -S -r -s connectionserver
The specified Server has been scheduled for removal from this configuration.


My next shock came when I tried to logon to the security server after rebooting it. I wasn’t able to, somehow this server was having some serious issues.

The solution was to remove the server from the domain, uninstall the View security server, reboot it, add the server again to the domain, reboot it, reinstall the Horizon security server and pair it again with the connection broker.

 Somehow I must have made a mistake when setting up the pairing or something went wrong with the AD record for the server.






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