VMworld Barcelona – Pre-conference post

If you are among the lucky ones who like me are heading out to VMworld Barcelona in a couple of weeks, I hope you are as excited about this year’s edition as I am. This year more so than last year is the year where VMware makes a statement that it is still one of the big players and after having watched the general sessions of VMworld 2016 Las Vegas and having browsed through the VMworld 2016 content catalog I have to agree, this year will be epic!

Barcelona is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It is the city where you can admire the architectural masterpieces designed by Gaudi, the hometown of FC Barcelona, a place where good food never is far away and to me the host city of the best of both VMworld conferences. I have always preferred the VMworld Europe event over the VMworld US event because VMworld Barcelona is the event where rumors become a reality, where unfinished products hidden behind disclaimers suddenly are a new reality!

If you don’t belief me just have a look at the general session on Tuesday where Ray O’Farrell addresses the attendees and should you not have the time to watch the whole session, here is a quote that really stuck to me:

Ray O’Farrell: “We are not going to go into some of the big advances that are coming in vSphere right now, we are gonna do that at VMworld Barcelona.”

You have read that right! Get ready for some major announcements people!





Here are some of the sessions I am attending:

What’s New with vSphere [INF8375] 

A VMworld staple! Come find out what’s new with the most robust and adopted virtualization platform in the industry. This session provides a high-level overview of existing/new features, direction updates and changes, tech previews, and other critical data points (such as end-of-support reminders) that will help you stay on top of VMware vSphere in 2016. Don’t miss your chance to get the latest and greatest details on vSphere.

NSX Security for Horizon View 7-Deep Dive [SEC7593]

Wade Holmes, Sr. Technical Product Manager, VMware
This updated session will familiarize security architects and operators with the security features of VMware NSX 6.2.x and how they apply to the VMware Horizon View 7 environment. We will review in detail the use of virtual networks to provide network segmentation, distributed firewall, identity firewall, and Service Composer for policy automation. We will also take a look at multi-data center scenarios. We will then apply these services to our reference architecture and illustrate the automation of policies for different groups of users of the virtual desktop infrastructure environment.

Deep Dive on pNUMA & vNUMA – Save Your SQL VMs from Certain DoomA! [VIRT8530]

Rob Girard, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Tintri
Shawn Meyers, Principal Architect, House of Brick Technologies
There’s more to non-uniform memory access (NUMA) than physical boundaries in your server hardware. Putting the DEEP back into Deep Dive, Rob and Shawn will use this session to deliver everything you ever wanted to know about pNUMA & vNUMA settings within VMware vSphere, Windows, & SQL Server to aid you in getting the settings right to maximize performance. In addition to an overview on NUMA, we’ll discuss some nuances of NUMA that are not commonly known, effects of memory & CPU hot-add, selecting cores vs. sockets for your VMs, default calculation behavior, performance penalties for getting it wrong, and MORE!

VMware Cloud Foundation Architecture Deep Dive [SDDC8481]

Kyle Gleed, Group Manager, Software-Defined Data Center, VMware

A technical deep dive into the VMware Cloud Foundation architecture where we look at the latest in hyper-converged infrastructure from VMware. We get under the hood and dig into the details of both the physical and logical design of Cloud Foundation. Come learn how this advanced solution enables you to go from “on the floor”; to deploying real workloads in under 2 hours!

vSphere 6.x Host Resource Deep Dive [INF8430]

Frank Denneman, Chief Technologist, PernixData
Niels Hagoort, Virtualization Enthusiast, Hagoort ICT Consultancy
Today’s focus is on upper levels/overlays (Software-Defined Data Center stack, VMware NSX, and cloud), but proper host design and management still remains the foundation of success. With the introduction of these new “overlay” services, we are presented with a new consumer of host resources. Ironically, it’s the attention to these abstraction layers that returns us to focusing on individual host components. Correct selection and configuration of these physical components lead to creating a stable high-performing platform, which lays the foundation for the higher services and increased consolidating ratios. This talk goes into details of physical host resource components, such as CPU (NUMA), memory configuration, and next-gen storage components. It also zooms in on how virtual networking and storage services influence virtual machine configuration and physical host design. Info provided in this talk allows you to get better grips on sizing your virtual data center for today’s high-demand workloads, network overlays, and next-gen storage services.

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