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  1. This was VERY much deserved. We all saw the dedication and self-sacrifice you put in to this which is inspirational and an awesome benchmark for us to follow. This is EXACTLY the reason these study groups exist as one person alone can do it but it always helps to have people who’ve got your back.

    • Thanks Don, would not have been possible without the study group and people giving up their own time with they families to help out with mocks.
      Really appreciate it and look forward to giving back to the community,

  2. wow wow wow, so fresh it’s not even in VCDX directory yet ! Congratulations buddy && you are the heroes guys.

    Started the fight with my project, getting the requirements organized and thought about… well you know the thing 🙂 I hope to submit December 2016, as I know myself that’s realistically February 2017 🙂

  3. Thanks mate,

    Good luck with your submission….keep going and setting realistic targets and stick to them. It’s easy to get distracted so my advice is to focus on one projrct (VCDX) and to it properly 🙂 Don’t forget to take breaks inbetween and spend time with your family.

    I am hoping to submit for the VCDX-NV track next year too

  4. yeah, now just… what are the realistic targets 🙂 I’m absolutely sure that if I knew what is ahead of me, I’d just run away and never attempt to do it.

    • My approach (others will have a different one) was after I had the base design I picked a potential submission date and worked out roughly how much time I would need to work on each section to meet the requirements in the blueprint.

      I ran through it section by section and when I was done I approached mentor’s for a design review. That takes time as I found most / all mentors to be really busy (same as the rest of us) so while you are waiting for the review start work on the supporting documentation.

      By the time you get your designs reviews back you may have loads of comments and corrections to address which also takes time so that all needs to be factored in.

      I missed my first submission deadline last and my first application was rejected because the supporting documentation was over complex but at no point did I stop working on it.

      Once your design is submitted that’s the easy part done… then comes the hard stuff. Start work on the presentation, t-skills and designs scenario mocks immediately.

      There was always something to do during the VCDX process but remember to take a break in-between.

  5. Kiran, thank you very much for your nice words – it is essentially what I plan and intend to do. Can’t imagine how happy VCDXs are to flush off their heads and let all the stress just vanish.

    Well and this is actually first time I ever heard about documentation being over complex 🙂

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