REVIEW: Pluralsight – Overview of TOGAF® 9.1

For quite some time now I have set my eyes on getting TOGAF certified. Not that I think that getting TOGAF certified instantaneously will make anyone an Enterprise Architect, but it would definitely proof that someone (in this case me, myself and I) has some insights into where enterprises and architecture meet. Yes this includes IT infrastructure as well!

Discovering the right literature was rather easy. The Opengroup not only sells its own books to help you get TOGAF certified, but also is friendly enough to offer a digital version free of charge on the internet.

Finding good video courses proved to be a lot harder.


PuralSight – Overview of the TOGAF® 9.1 Enterprise Architecture Framework, by Joseph Anthony

togaf 1

For anyone who has no idea what TOGAF and/or Enterprise Architecture is or anyone who needs a quick refresher, the video course presented by Joseph Anthony for PluralSight is probably one of the better ones out there . Explaining TOGAF is not that easy but Anthony does a good job.  Each chapter is preceded by an example scenario which makes it easier to get a grasp on things and I think this is really needed for anyone out there who has no clue where or how to start with Enterprise Architecture.  If you don’t belief me, try picking up the official book and try to get a grasp on TOGAF Enterprise Architecture without examples.  I am pretty sure you will find out it is not that easily achieved.


The structure of the video course:

The video course has been divided into 8 well-structured chapters and each one is preceded by an example scenario which is build upon for each next chapter. You will notice that a lot of emphasis is put on the ADM, the Architectural Development Method.

  • Introduction
  • Foundational Definitions and Concepts
  • Introducing Architecture Development Method
  • ADM – Capability Iteration
  • ADM – Architecture Development Iteration
  • ADM – Transition Planning Iteration
  • ADM – Architecture Governance & Requirements
  • Content Framework & Repository

Here are some of the highlights for me:

Clearly the highlights to me are the example scenarios which make it easier to understand the ADM and TOGAF, and how Anthony is able to explain TOGAF.


Personally I have no idea why PluralSight marks this course as Advanced, but this is a great introduction course for TOGAF. Even if you are the least bit interested into becoming an Enterprise Architect or certified, I personally think that anyone who is working in Infrastructure Design or Infrastructure/Solutions Architecture will benefit from this course. It makes it so much easier to relate how an idea grows from being just an idea to a vision, to a business plan and ultimately into an architecture.



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