Book Review: Networking for VMware Administrators


So I have been collecting lots of books ever since I started on my journey of doing my VCAPs. One book time and again has been my go to reference for absolutely anything VMware networking related….and you guessed it…IT’S THIS BOOK!


When I have been in chats with networking guys, and we have been discussing various features, I can point them to sections of the book, and if I need to confirm something I can double check it quickly.

You do not need to be a networking guru to use this book. I have/had a CCNA (it has expired), so I have a fair idea, but I am by no means a networking guru and I have learnt plenty from this book. But at the end of the day, if you want to be a VMware Administrator or a Designer, you need this book on your reference shelf!

Each section goes into the basics and then delves into them much deeper from a VMware perspective, as such it is brilliant and the networking guys can read it to, if they need to see what impact a network change could have on the VMware environment etc.

When I have had queries @ChrisWahl has always responded to my questions, with straight forward and concise answers too.


Shady was here:

This book is a must for any new vSphere Administrator that wants to get the full and deep picture of vSphere Networking. It should be in your preparation set for any VCAP-DCV test.

It starts with giving you the main idea of what network is. Then, it starts showing you the differences between main network devices and main network features. Then, it starts diving in how virtual networks differs from physical network and how vSwitches work. After that, it gives you the best practices for designing you virtual networks using both Standard and Distributed vSwitch and their advanced features. Finally, it explains how IP Storage affects your virtual network designing and also shows you the best practices to design your virtual network with IP Storage in use.

I recommend this book for two reasons:
1-) I like Chris’s style in writing or teaching. So smooth with sense of humor.
2-) The way the book chapters were organized is really  brilliant. It takes you from buttom to top: from simple networking info in the deep weeds of virtual networks and virtual switches easily and you don’t even notice.

Chris Whal (@ChrisWahl) really put a lot of effort -and humor- in this book. This book is one of my references to get back to when my mind messes it up. It should be one of yours too!!

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