VCAP5 Exam Retirements Suspended

Since we announced the retirement of the remaining VCAP5 exams in late March, we have heard from quite a number of you who have requested additional time to prepare for and take those exams. Additionally, we are still working on the development and refinement of the VCAP6 exams (which will replace VCAP5), so these new exams have not yet been released in production.

In light of your requests and still-pending VCAP6 exam releases, we are suspending the retirement of the following exams:

VCAP5 Design Exams:

VCAP Lab Exams:

Registration for these exams will remain open. We will not plan to retire them until approximately 30 days after the VCAP6 exams become available. Once the VCAP6 exams go live in production, we will make a detailed retirement announcement for these VCAP5 exams. In the meantime, we hope that those of you who would like to up-level your certification from VCP to VCAP5 will take advantage of this opportunity.

For training or exam information, detailed certification requirements or additional program information, please visit the VMware Education homepage. If you have more specific questions or concerns please contact the Certification Support team.



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