Setting a persistant scratch location on a ESXi host

I noticed one of the hosts had a warning saying that:


So basically I did what this KB article said:

VMware KB article

I had a look at another host, and had a look at the Advanced Settings value for:


It showed a VMFS volumes /vmfs/volumes/UUID/Scratch folder for that host.

So it showed me the UUID such as this:


So it looked like there was a folder on this LUN every host!

So since I am new to this environment I had to find a way to translate the UUID to the name of the actual SAN datastore being used.

I did this by using the:

esxcli storage filesystyem list | grep UUID

This gave me the actual Volume Name. I then went and had a look at that datastore and the host already had a folder on it, so I pointed it to that in the advanced setting and rebooted the host and all was right with the world!

Here is a screen shot of the file system command, that I found in google images:


Click on the image to make it bigger!

As you can see it helps match the UUID to the actual name of the datastore

Good Times!

Edit: You can also do ls -la in the vmfs/volumes folder too and it will display similar info!

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