VCAP6-DCV DESIGN – Beta exam


For weeks I had been looking forward to the release of the VCAP6-DCV Design Beta Exam. Joy filled me when I had an exam date confirmed.

I have just walked out from the examination center. It’s done, the exam has been written. I had 30 minutes to spare. Not that that means that I feel confident that I have passed the exam.  I just don’t belief in changing answers, is all.

9 Design exercises and 22 drag and drops.

So what are my impressions?

If you feel that VCAP5-DCD was the hardest exam ever and you are hoping that the VCAP6-DCV Design exam will be any easier… I have some bad news for you. It’s harder, a lot harder but mostly because of the amount of information which has increased considerably in vSphere 6.

Anyway I have left the exam center with some major impressions:

1. Forget about taking shortcuts and studying the bare minimum for VCAP6-DCV Design. I know some people actually have passed the VCAP5-DCD exam studying only the minimum but if you do likewise for the VCAP6-DCV Design exam, I can assure you of a success ratio of: minimal.
2. The exam components in the design exercises often do not stick. When I was dragging an item around,  the items on top of that item just didn’t move along with it. So if you make a design and you drag items to other zones and they don’t stick, start again.
3. A  lot of the exam lies in the details. Studying only the design concepts of vSphere 6 will probably lead to failure. Ps:  I read white papers and basically any document I can get my hands on and still some information I just didn’t have.
4. Some answers you won’t find in the VMWARE white papers but you know them because you design virtual infrastructure for a living.
5. My last impression: this exam seems to focus more on current architects compared to the VCAP5-DCD exam.. but that might be a personal thing.

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