VCAP-DCD Study Group and Exam Simulator

VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certificates, the most certificates VMware professionals want to pursuit to prove their knowledge and proficiency as well as they’re prerequisites to the most valuable and hard certificate: VCDX.

VCAP certificates are divided into two branches, one for Administration, that tests your administration and troubleshooting skills, and the other for Design. IMHO, VCAP Design certificates are far more difficult that Administration ones.

During my journey to VCAP-DCD title, I was gifted by two things that helped me the most acquiring it as well as knowing new VMware professionals: VCAP-DCD Study Group & VCAP-DCD Exam Simulator.

VCAP-DCD Study Group is founded and administrated by Melissa Palmer. This is a group of 180+ VMware professional pursuing VCAP-DCD, some already achieved it including me. It contains a lot of useful information and useful materials and links gathered by the members during their studies. It’s really useful and its members are really helpful. Just give a shout to Melissa on Twitter and she’ll add you to the group for sure.

VCAP-DCD Exam Simulator is a crazy idea by Jason Grierson. He worked hard to establish a Java-based tool very similar to the exam design tool under supervision of VMware Certification Division (Refer to this community post). He added around 5+ design Qs as well as some MCQs and Drag & Drop Qs similar to exam ones (not typical ofcourse!) and I’m glad that I contributed some too. Quoted from Jason himself about his exam simulator:

“It’s a VCAP-DCD 5.1/5.5 Exam simulator.  A simulator created to mimic the 5.1/5.5 DCD exam experience / questions.  Learn how to use the DCD interface prior to taking the exam. 25+ practice exam questions and study pack included.”

You can find the exam simulator on this link. If you have some Q’s in your mind you want to share with him, just ping Jason on Google+ and he’ll be pleased for sure.

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