10 ZiG

About half a year ago Tom from 10ZiG made an offer to all existing #VEXPERTS to testdrive their models of Thin clients an Zero clients, an offer I just could not let pass by. So over the last couple of months I have been testing a handful of thin clients and zero clients from 10ZiG. Yes, you have read that correctly, I have had the test models for months on end and I have shipped them back only yesterday. If I remember correctly, Tom had them send to me around mid-December.

The Belgian branch of the international law firm I am working for has a business need which results in me having to be able to present VMware Horizon View Desktops and Citrix Xendesktop where the rest of the company only has to present Citrix Xen desktops. There is a specific need for this seperation which I will not explain in this post. However, it already explains what I was looking for: a client  which would be equally good at presenting Citrix environments as it would be at presenting VMware Horizon View desktops, using the same hardware.

10ZiG has proven to being able to deliver such a solution: a flawless presentation of Horizon View Desktops and Citrix Xen Desktops using the same hardware while being easily manageable through the use of the 10ZiG manager desktop client, which by the way comes free of charge. The management client allows you to remotely distribute new images to your thin/zero clients, change the layout of the desktop, set security rules, etc.. If your company’s security policy prevents you from distributing images over the network, you can still prep a desktop and export the image and the configuration to a USB pen drive, allowing you to setup all thin/zero clients in an identical fashion. With the same ease I was able to request 10ZiG for additional images for Zero clients, Citrix only clients, Horizon View only clients, etc..

What convinced me to move from another vendor to 10ZiG is the ease of management and their top notch support. This truely can be a one man operation and low on operational cost because 10ZiG clients are very easy to manage and highly compatible to my company’s needs.

I know this might read somewhat as a promotional post, but here is a newsflash: I am not getting any rewards from 10ZiG for writing this article. In fact I am only writing this because the experience so far I have had with 10ZiG, has been outstanding and I truly believe that Tom and his team only try to give their customers the best.

As a last remark, I really hope 10ZiG will never get that big enterprise mentality, where a customer is just another number.